1.5 Kg Fantasy Volume Cast Transparent Clear two-part Epoxy Resin

1.5 Kg Fantasy Volume Cast Transparent Clear two-part Epoxy Resin

Price: £30.65
(as of Dec 31,2019 19:45:56 UTC – Details)

Fantasy Volume Cast is a high quality two-component resin

formulated for casting resins on all types of large moulds where you want to create a large rigid piece, allowing you to make a single laundry up to 5 cm thick and 3 kg of resin per mix

Ideal for creating tables, countertops, and all sorts of artistic mergers between materials and resin. We have other types of epoxy resins with different properties depending on the work you want to do, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Fantasy Resin: For small laundry, jewellery making and jewellery making
Fantasy Crystal Coat: For 1-2 mm laundry and large surfaces, worktops, floors or table top layer.

Fantasy Volume Cast: For large volume laundry.

Fantasy 3D varnish: For coating 3D printed pieces, eliminating surface roughness.

Applications Modelism Artistic creations Protective coatings Artistic projects, Nautics, River tables, carpentry,

  • Melt connection: in weight: 100 g of resin (part A) 33 g of hardener (part B) (3 to 1)
  • CARE TIME: 48-72 hours, but may vary a lot depending on the temperature and volume applied.
  • Easily pigmentable with our line of pigments powder, pigment bases or effect pigments.


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