Clear Art Resin, MasterCast 2kg kit (2L / 70 oz), Epoxy Art Grade, ASTM D-4236

Clear Art Resin, MasterCast 2kg kit (2L / 70 oz), Epoxy Art Grade, ASTM D-4236

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ArtResin Epoxy Resin Review

Epoxy resins are becoming increasingly versatile. It won’t be an exaggeration when I say that they are truly magical in their properties. From being enclosed in a bottle to flowing into mixing cups and hardening into glass-like structures, they morph from one form into another. There are a huge number of designs and items you can create from them.

However, it is quite a task to get your hands on the right epoxy resin that will fulfill the requirements of your project. If you are an artist who likes to make aesthetically pleasing artworks using resins, your options are a little limited. Fortunately, the market has a few decent products you can consider for your projects.

One which is specifically made for arts and craft is the ArtResin Epoxy Resin. It is a two-part resin, which you have to mix in a 1:1 proportion before you start experimenting with your creative abilities. A bonus point that it bags is its ability to blend in colors and pigments, which you might want to get if you are making trays and emblems.

Let’s first look at the key features you can expect out of it and what makes it a sound pick for an artist.

HALS and UV Stabilized

ArtResin comes with UV stabilization and HALS. Stabilizers added to it protects it against ultraviolet degradation. Epoxies are vulnerable to degradation on exposure to sunlight. This is why many products on the market provide UV stabilization to prevent resin from acquiring a yellowish hue.

What sets this one apart is that along with a UV stabilizer, it also has HALS. Resistance against UV alone cannot prevent the resin from yellowing over time. It only slows down the process. It is HALS which nips yellowing in the bud.

It stabilizes light rays so that they do not harm your project in any way. Use it to cover an old photograph, your painting or a wooden project that you worked on. It will not let it age quickly or turn to a yellowish tint making it look worn out. It is great for those who want to preserve the quality of their work.

It can be very disheartening to see your artwork disintegrate and fade into lighter tones. Resins are meant to protect them, but they also run the risk of changing into a different color, making your work look aged. The manufacturers of ArtResin have specially produced this epoxy resin for artists so that they can use it in making creative projects and protect the ones they have already made. Hence, you be sure it will not change the color or disintegrate any time soon.

Safe to Use

I can’t say enough how safe it is to use ArtResin. Most epoxies will result in fumes or cause allergic reactions as you take them out of the packaging for your project. They put you at risk of health hazards. Thankfully, you will not have to face such problems while you are using the ArtResin.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, it is safe for even an accidental contact with food. Hence, you can heat it in the same microwave oven in which you heat your food. There will be no hazardous fumes lurking in your microwave which might get into your food later when you use it for cooking purposes. Other resins would most probably give off toxic fumes, making any food placed in the microwave thereafter inedible.

This opens up a whole lot of possibilities for you to conveniently use it and bring it to a favorable temperature at your home without having to buy separate equipment for this purpose.

Safety and convenience often go hand in hand. As there are no lethal gases given off by it, there is no reason for you to wear masks for protecting your respiratory passages. You can freely work with it without worrying about masks. However, you must always wear gloves when working with epoxy resins.

Product Specifications

ArtResin comes with a set of cool features and specifications which make it a feasible option for those who want to do some serious artwork. We have already looked at some of its features and now, it’s time we look at the specs it offers.

  • Produces no harmful fumes and is free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and bisphenol A (BPA)
  • It is non-flammable and non-hazardous, so you do not need to wear a respirator while working with it
  • It does not have any odor, so you can work comfortably with it for long hours
  • It is a two-part resin which is food-safe
  • This product is certified and safe to use
  • Self-levels
  • Gives a glossy finish
  • This formula is produced specially for artists who want to create artwork using epoxy resins
  • It is a UV-stabilized, non-yellowing resin which does not start giving a yellowish hue as you start pouring it for your project
  • It comes with HALS as well
  • The mixing ratio for this product is one part resin and one part hardener, making a mix ratio of 1:1 which is easy to achieve

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Average customer reviews are full of praises for its stellar features. According to many buyers, it is very safe to use because there are no fumes which can make it harmful. It does not have any smell either, which allows people to use it conveniently for a long period of time and does not put them off the whole idea of working with an epoxy resin.

ArtResin gives a good glossy coverage as well and cures faster than most epoxies in the market. Since it cures really fast, you get to see your final project within a day or two. However, this one is higher priced than its counterparts. Given the size of the bottles, it can blow a hole in your wallet, but with the features you are getting, it is definitely well worth your hard-earned money.

It is ambient temperature curing, solvent free, high build and U.V stabilised.
Please view our Youtube instruction video here: .This material is an optically transparent coating / casting resin that can be applied by pouring, brush or roller.
The resin system is odour-free, non-flammable and user-friendly with no solvent content.
The convenient 1:1 mix ratio makes it easy to mix and apply. The excellent clarity and transparency makes the resin system particularly suitable for the protection and decoration of : Artwork (paintings, sculptures and layered collage) Wood and timber artifacts, Clocks, pictures, puzzles, Tabletops and bar counters Badges, emblems and jewellery manufacture Flower-setting and paperweights.



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