Polycraft EasyFlo 60 Polyurethane Liquid Plastic Casting Resin 1 Litre Kit

Polycraft EasyFlo 60 Polyurethane Liquid Plastic Casting Resin 1 Litre Kit

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Polycraft EasyFlo 60 Polyurethane Liquid Plastic Casting Resin 1 Litre Kit

Plastics are substances of organic origin formed by long macromolecular chains that contain mainly carbon and hydrogen in their structure. They are obtained by chemical reactions between different raw materials of synthetic or natural origin.

The final products are solid, although at some stage of their processing they are quite easy to form fluids by application of heat and pressure. In the final form, plastics consist of long chains of molecules or polymers, which are obtained from blocks of molecules or monomers; utilizing catalysts, heat, and pressure.

The melting temperature of plastics injection materials varies from one to another. All materials must be injected.

In amorphous, they fluidize between 130 and 160ºC if it is PS (polystyrene) or PVC, but at more than 200ºC if they are polycarbonates.

If instead, we talk about semicrystalline materials, polyethylene can melt at scarce 100 ° C and more than 200, polyamide.

So, when it comes to casting plastic goods, generally we seek for a professional hand. However, do we know there are even better ways that can award you with good casting? You can do that yourself at home with the help of Polycraft easy flow 60. This is at the same time, cost-effective as well.

I used this casting resin for the first time online after reading all the reviews. Being honest, I was a bit skeptical at first thinking how this resin would react when I mix it. However, I was impressed with the mold quality.  This unique liquid plastics are simply the best choice if you want to cast your old pieces for home decor, production parts and more.  When I bought this, after opening the pack, I found that it has two different parts- Part A and Part B.

All I needed to do is to mix those parts and cure fast to hard plastics. Both of the parts are of viscosity liquids. I mixed them so easily and trust me the penetration was simply excellent! There were no bubbles produces while casting and there was no need to apply any professional technique like vacuum degassing for the same.

I found it very effective, high in volume and of the quick cast.  Its unique features include-

  • Quick demold
  • The finest quality
  • Release all bubbles
  • It doesn’t require vacuum or other pressures.

The formula of mixing is quite a simple- I mixed it into a 1:1 ratio (1 of A and 1 of B) as per the guidelines mentioned on the product manual. The time of demold is maxed 15-30 mins. The total time of cure is 7 days.

I was amazed by its effectiveness when I got a bone-white cure. It takes only  20 minutes to go hard. My pieces of creative work started looking even more stunning after applying this wonder mixture.

Hope this helps! Now, forget calling a professional to fix your old decorative pieces and give them a ‘cured’ look whenever you want.

Rapid demould
Reproduces finest detail
Tough, non-brittle formula
Cured Colour: White



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