UHU 45588 Epoxy Heavy Duty Adhesive – 24ml

UHU 45588 Epoxy Heavy Duty Adhesive – 24ml

Price: £7.81
(as of Dec 29,2019 07:26:34 UTC – Details)

Suitable for repairs to metal, ceramics, porcelain, crystal, glass, ivory, pearls, precious stones and various synthetics (polyester, Bakelite, Formica, rigid polystyrene and acrylic glass (Perspex®). Not suitable for Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), PTFE and silicone rubber.

Resistant to impact, ageing and temperatures from -20 deg C to +100 deg C
Resistant to dampness, oil, diluted acids, alkalis and many solvents
For metal, stone, concrete, wood, glass and many plastics
After curing can be drilled, filled and painted


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