Water Clear Casting Cast Resin 1kg (Polyester) – Supplied with Hardener, Gloves, Mixing pots + Stirrers

Water Clear Casting Cast Resin 1kg (Polyester) – Supplied with Hardener, Gloves, Mixing pots + Stirrers

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Swindon Composite Supplies Epoxy Art Grade Resin Review

Imagine how remarkable it would be to seal your timeless photographs so that their paper does not disintegrate and their corners do not fade away into oblivion with each passing day. Though you can always get your photos laminated, nothing trumps a good adhesive epoxy resin which protects your precious pictures for your future generations to cherish.

For a long time now, artists have been using epoxy resins to preserve the art they create. With so many products out there in the market, it can be difficult to know which one you can use for delicate paintings and pictures. Different epoxy resins give different results because they all have varying properties. Only the one that gives you a clear finish is suitable for your paintings as you do not want them to be clouded by a product.

The Epoxy Art Grade Resin is formulated specially for photographs and canvases. It works well for acrylic art projects and is a sound pick for you if you are into painting and/or photography.

Optical Transparency

Optical transparency is the key feature of this product. For preserving photographs and paintings, it is vital that you cover them up with a protective layer. The Epoxy Art Grade Resin makes a clear layer over your artwork and gives it a refined look. Gently apply its coating to enhance your work and make it look fresh and glossy.

Its glass-like shine makes it a favorite among artists who work on large canvases and look for a product that can keep their work from fading away. Once it sets on your project, it makes it look as if it were laminated. Apply a nice coat of it over your portraits in your room or living room for a more modern look. It will make your work look better.

As it does not shrink much, you can safely use it for delicate items like your family photographs or a painting you admire without worrying that it might ruin your valuables. From tabletops and sculptures to electronic components such as LED lights, it can work with many different substrates and perfectly adhere to them.

Mixes Well with Inks and Powders

The fact that it mixes well with inks and powders sets it apart from other epoxy resins. When you get creative with epoxies, you look for ways to make your work unique. Since this one has many properties, it allows you to be more innovative by increasing the number of substances you can work with.

Blend the glitter or mica powder which you want to add to your project. This will give you an even consistency as well. It usually happens that the powder you mix into an epoxy resin starts to clump and gives you a grainy finish, but that does not happen with this resin. It evenly blends powders so that your project looks refined once you finish your work.

Apart from that, alcoholic inks are increasingly used for artwork. Such inks are used for coating wooden projects. The resins which do not mix well with these inks cannot be used for such projects. Luckily, the Epoxy Art Grade Resin can also mix with alcoholic inks. This opens up a lot of possibilities for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike as they can tap new horizons in the work they do.

Whether you are creating a river table or making trays with it, you will have the option to add inks and colors and make your project fun as well as artistic.

Product Specifications

You have already seen how the Epoxy Art Grade Resin is suitable for projects which use papers or fabrics. It is now necessary to look at some of its specifications which make this product unique. There aren’t too many brands which offer resins that can work so well with photos, so let’s see what allows this product to give a good finish:

  • It is an optically clear epoxy resin
  • It is odorless and is not toxic, making it fit for use
  • It is a solvent-free solution and does not pose any hazard
  • Gives an ultra-glossy effect to your projects, making them shine
  • Specially made for coating paintings, canvases, wooden projects and pictures
  • The mixing ratio for this product is one part resin and one part hardener or simply a 1:1 mix ratio
  • You need to use a blow torch or any other heating system to avoid bubbles from forming on the epoxy you are using for your project
  • It comes with a kit for testing purposes, which includes stirring sticks, a pair of gloves and measuring cups apart from the resin and hardener
  • Cures at ambient temperatures which range from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius
  • Suitable for blending color and alcoholic inks, giving you the freedom to get as creative as you want

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

The Epoxy Art Grade Resin gets some really decent reviews on major online shopping sites. According to most reviewers, it is very efficient at giving you an even finish without trapping any bubbles which can make your project look untidy. Without bubbles, your project looks clear as a crystal after it is set.

Another thing about it that most users praise is that it is almost odorless. Strong smells can make you feel nauseated and give off a stench that becomes unbearable at times. An epoxy that is without any odor makes it very comfortable for you to work with for long hours.

One factor that some people complain about as they use this product is that it is not very user-friendly despite the fact that it is easy to mix. Given the intricacy of the projects you use it for, it is necessary to be a little more cautious so that you do not ruin your work.

I would most definitely recommend to all those who want a smooth and transparent finish to preserve their artwork and add some innovation to it.

Whats in the BOX: Swindon Composite Supplies – 1Kg clear resin + 30ml hardener 2 Mixing Cups, 2 stirrers , 2 pairs of disposable gloves 1 syringe – User Instructions by Swindon Watersports WARNING – This resin is extremely strong smelling – this is normal for all Polyester Resin products. We advise to store outside and only use in a well ventilated area. Premium quality clear polyester casting resin suitable for clear sculpture casting, object embedding, jewellery making and set design. Its low viscosity makes it suitable for reproducing incredible fine surface detail when casting sculptures and also ensures excellent wet-out when encapsulating/embedding objects in clear resin to make objects such as paperweights. Features: Optically clear UV stable Polishable to a high gloss Low viscosity Easily pigmented. Sorry we are unable to send this to the channel islands.

1kg Kit – supplied with 30ml of Catalyst ( Hardener ), Syringe plus 2 pairs of Gloves , 2 mixing pots and 2 Stirrers
Suitable for Jewellery making, Clear casting , Object Embedding amongst other uses.
Supplied with full USER Instructions by Swindon Composite Supplies
WARNING – This resin has an extremely STRONG & POWERFUL smell – this is normal for all Polyester Resin products.



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